Our Mission

Welcome to Baskin Financial Services Inc.

We are an independently owned investment management firm providing customized wealth management to a select group of Canadians. We are committed to meeting the needs of our clients by endeavouring to protect their capital and by building their wealth over time.

Our long-term performance is based upon our strict adherence to three investment principles:

Focus on what we know
We have focused research on North American markets for over 15 years. We believe that the more knowledge we have, the better we can fully participate in growth in the up years, and experience lower volatility in the down years.

Use fundamental analysis to identify opportunities
We pay close ongoing attention to economic indicators, sector outlooks, company results and competitive positioning to identify underpriced securities and to avoid those that are overpriced.

Value is recognized over time
Our focus and fundamental analysis give us the confidence to take a position in a security when we feel it is undervalued and to hold it as the market comes to agree with our assessment of its true value.

These principles, coupled with a close attention to client service, help us to offer clients a unique discretionary investment management experience.

Founded in 1992 by David Baskin, Baskin Financial Services Inc. offers discretionary management appropriate to our clients’ individual needs with a straightforward and easy to understand low fee schedule. ¬†Unlike the big banks, or other larger investment firms, we do not have multiple layers of bureaucracy. Our clients have direct access to the top people at the company.

Our goal at Baskin Financial is to provide all our clients with managed growth and peace of mind.